Rap Music Helps Children Learn Math

A social worker in Detroit has

created a CD using rap lyrics to help teach children multiplication tables.

Odeather Hill got the idea when a client

of her company, Professional, Preventive, Restoration and Consultant Services,

wanted to improve his 10 year old daughters math skills.

Realizing how popular hip-hop

is with children, Hill spent $500 to produce 100 CD copies of Times Table 2000,

Robotic 2000 and Friends. Her grandchildren contributed the lyrics and provide

the vocals, and her son, who is a musician and producer wrote the music for

the CD.

The CD is on sale at Sam Goody

in in Northland and Eastland, the Truth Bookstore in Northland, and the School

House in Detroit. HIll says that over 300 copies of the CD have been sold. Hill

is planning a coloring book, a writing pad and a calendar this summer.