Rap Throwback Jerseys Launched

RTB Apparel has launched a new line of jerseys,

"Rap Throwbacks."

The jerseys feature various rappers original

artwork and song titles. Numbers on the front and back commemorate the year

the song was released.

Created by husband and wife team Rodney and Knia

Bonds, their inaugural line is an attempt to prove that the jersey phenomenon

is not relegated to athletes.

"We had to build a brand from the Rap Throwbacks

line," Rodney Bonds said. "RTB Apparel came out of that. The product

basically represents fashion & Hip-Hop."

The jerseys come in four classifications of rap

music. "Classics" feature such pioneers as Kurtis Blow, The Furious

Five and The Cold Crush Brothers, The "True School" highlight rappers

from the 80's such as Big Daddy Kane, Stetasonic, MC Lyte and Sweet Tee, "Commemorative"

pays homage to such fallen artists as Jam Master Jay, Left Eye, Tupac Shakur,

Notorious B.I.G. and Big Pun, while "The Cutmasters" honor such DJ's

as Afrika Bambaataa, Kool DJ Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy Jeff

and A.J. Scratch.

Each artist featured receives a royalty on each

jersey sold.

"We were born of Hip-Hop culture, therefore

will always continue to stay within

that concept," Knia Bonds added. "We are trying to keep Hip-Hop culture

alive with our brand."