Rape Accusers Put Russell Simmons On Blast During "Megyn Kelly Show"

The women accused of being raped by Russell Simmons are not backing down from their claims.

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Russell Simmons is under fire again, after two of his rape accusers appeared on the "Megyn Kelly Today" show to discuss their allegations against the Def Jam founder.

Sherri Hines and Natashia Williams-Blach both gave detailed accounts of their encounters with Russell Simmons.

Sheri Sher said she was just 18-years-old when Simmons raped her 1983.

“I felt embarrassed, I felt used, worthless,” said Sheri Hinds aka Sheri Sher of Mercedes Ladies. “The way I felt at the time was ... I can’t believe this man just violated me like I was nothing

Natashia Williams-Blach said Russell Simmons attempted to force her to give him oral sex while they were shooting the movie "How to Be a Player" in 1997.

“You realize you just escaped a minefield,” Natashia Williams-Blach told Megyn Kelly. “I went into an automatic, you just gotta go. You got to get out.”

The women appeared flabbergasted at Russell Simmons recent statements, where he defended himself from allegations of rape or sexual assault by over a dozen women.

Simmons has adamantly denied that he has forced sex on any of his accusers and vowed to fight back through a #NotMe campaign launched on his Instagram last week.

"I have separated myself from my businesses and charities in order to not become a distraction. I have re-dedicated myself to spiritual learning, healing and working on behalf of the communities to which I have devoted my life..What I will not accept is responsibility for what I have not done. I have conducted my life with a message of peace and love," Russell Simmons said in a prior statement. "Although I have been candid about how I have lived in books and interviews detailing my flaws, I will relentlessly fight against any untruthful character assassination that paints me as a man of violence."

Russell Simmons lawyers also said their client took and passed a polygraph test and encouraged his accusers to do the same.

The 60-year- old rap mogul has been silent on social media since December 14th when he deleted his Twitter account while commenting has been disabled on his Instagram page.

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I can see you withholding info on being groped or verbally harassed, but rape? You mean to tell me that he forced intercourse on you and you didn't inform law enforcement? Huh? But you feel that its safe to do so now? Maybe I'm confused, but I find these stories hard to believe. What I think really happened was "Ok, you're going to do this for me or get fired." And if Rush did issue out those types of ultimatums he's a pos, but that's not rape. Maybe I'm wrong.


Own that shit Russ and apologize so everyone can move on with they life