Rapper/Activist Jasiri X To Receive Honorary PHD

Pittsburgh rapper/activist Jasiri X will be awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Lettersfrom the Chicago Theological Seminary on May 13th at the Trinity United Church of Christin Chicago.

The artist who had dedicated his life to keeping the voice of the people alive world wide announced the achievement on his Face Book page saying,

"It's still kinda hard to believe, but next Friday I'm receiving an honorary doctorate from the Chicago Theological Seminary and delivering the 2016 commencement address."

Fans showed an overwhelming amount of support as have his friends and family.

In a statement, the newly appointed Dr. X said,

"It is an extremely humbling experience to be honored in a similar fashion as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who also received his honorary doctorate from the Chicago Theological Seminary. The CTS bestowing their highest honor, Doctor of Letters is a spiritual confirmation, of sorts, that in my efforts, I am doing something right."

According to The Chicago Theological Seminary , the degree is bequeathed upon those who possess their seminary's core value of “transformative leadership toward greater justice and mercy in church and society.

The 1Hood Initiative co-founder has come a long way from the streets of Pittsburgh where he began his journey. Jasiri has been around the world and back giving messages of hope to downtrodden citizens, standing in defiance of those who would seek to challenge the will of the people and holding strong to his convictions in defense of the rights of ever man, woman and child.

We look forward to seeing where this path leads him next!

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