Rapper/actress Eve Almost Scared Off Social Media By Haters

Eve was cyberbullied when she got her new daytime talk show.

(AllHipHop News) Hip-hop veteran Eve sympathises with young stars Millie Bobby Brown And Kelly Marie Tran for quitting social media due to cyberbullying, because harsh critics almost drove her offline too.

"Stranger Things" teenager Millie deleted her personal Twitter account after becoming the subject of a string of homophobic memes, just days after "Star Wars: The Last Jedi's" Kelly wiped clean her Instagram page following backlash about the Asian-American actress' casting in the sci-fi franchise.

Neither Millie nor Kelly have spoken out about their decisions to turn their backs on social media, but Eve can understand why they would choose to go silent online instead of having to face the constant abuse hurled at celebrities every day.

The rap star reveals she had second thoughts herself in recent months after she was inundated with criticism for speaking out against an unidentified celebrity on daytime show "The Talk," on which she has served as a co-host since November.

"That's just life and the life we live right now, that there's so many ignorant people that have a voice and they can come at you and anybody on social media," she remarked on the show. "It's just open water, and it sucks. And even if you have a thick skin, it still hurts."

Explaining she was speaking from experience, she said, "For me, I had a situation where I said something about someone, and their fans... started coming at me... It was (on this show), actually."

Eve refused to name the star whose devotees had attacked her online, but admitted it did affect her confidence to speak her mind.

"It hit me so hard and so fast, and I have a thick skin, but it was so much, I was like, 'Wow,'" she continued. "It actually made me question, 'Do I want to delete my (social media) accounts? Should I...?'"

She eventually refused to let the haters win, because she realized "you can't please everyone".

"There are gonna be people who come at you no matter what, and it gives you even more of a thick skin (to ignore them)," Eve added. "And most of those people are miserable. If you have the time to come at people (online) and be ignorant, you're miserable... Get a life!"