Rapper Beanie Sigel Gets Three Months In Jail

Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel will spend the next three months in prison, after he was accused of violating his probation for a third time yesterday (March 28).

Probation officials revealed that Sigel provided a false urine sample and tested positive for Xanax and Percocet five times over the past month.

Sigel, who admitted being addicted to the painkiller and muscle relaxers, was originally sentenced to six months house arrest in January, after a second probation violation.

In that case, a federal judge found that Sigel took an unauthorized trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey, and had contact with a convicted felon.

Sigel, who spent a year in prison on a federal gun charge in 2004, was acquitted of attempted murder in 2005, one month after he was released from prison.

According to the rapper, his stint under house arrest has left him unable ‘to earn the living” he used to earn prior to getting into trouble with the law.

Sigel told the judge that his relapse was brought on by money problems.

He also revealed he was about to lose his house, because he can’t travel to earn money through performances.

"I'm losing everything because of this situation," Sigel said.