Rapper Beaten Into A Coma By DaBaby Busted For Selling Fentanyl

AllHipHop Staff

Don Trag is looking at some prison time after he was caught selling drugs and toting guns with his older brother.

(AllHipHop News) A rapper who is suing DaBaby for beating him into a coma before a performance is now facing some bigtime legal problems of his own.

Earlier this week, Don Trag was busted for selling fentanyl, and carrying a firearm without a license.

His brother was also arrested for selling the deadly synthetic drug, in addition to possessing an arsenal of firearms and ammunition.

Don Trag is suing DaBaby over a vicious beatdown at the hands of the North Carolina rapper's bodyguards before a show in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The rapper attempted to approach DaBaby for a picture in May of 2019 and was brutally pounded by the North Carolina star's hired muscle instead. 

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Fuck that cunt. He deserves a permanent coma for Selling that shit.