Rapper Blahz Still Standing After Car Explosion

Former Blahzay Blahzay rapper Blahz is counting his blessings after surviving a recent car accident.

The Brooklyn rhymesayer was on the New Jersey Expressway when he discovered odd sounds coming from his Cadillac SUV.

The car soon stalled, prompting Blahz to pull onto the shoulder of the expressway.

After calling a close friend to pick up him, Blahz popped the hood of the Cadillac, got out of the vehicle and approached the passenger side.

It was then that the vehicle exploded unexpectedly, blowing Blahz almost

40 feet into the woods on the shoulder of the expressway.

The lyricist was immediately rushed to the hospital as soon as his friend arrived on the scene.

Blahz, who suffered third degree burns on his left arm and second degree burns over much of the rest of the left side of his body, was in a coma in the next three weeks following the explosion.

The rapper has since bounced back from the explosion and has become more aware that a vehicle, no matter how good it looks or what it symbolizes, could be a potential liability.

"In the hood, Cadillac's traditionally represent status and fine American engineering," Blahz said. "But with after market additions of oversize rims and thousands of dollars of stereo and TV equipment, it can turn any vehicle into a bomb on wheels."

The incident comes as Blahz prepares to release a "mixtape movie" featuring videos for 18 new songs and sketch comedy skits as well as appearances from the Hush magazine and Game Girls.

Despite what happened, the project's January 2007 release date will not be affected.

The movie marks the latest achievement for Blahz, who has found success in the underground Hip-Hop scene as a solo artist.

His stint with Blahzay Blahzay was highlighted by the number one single "Danger.

At the time of the incident, Blahz was recording and filming the upcoming movie.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown.