Rapper Bonecrusher Battles Fat In New Workout DVD

After breaking the record on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club for "Biggest Individual Weight Loss," Atlanta bred rapper Bone Crusher has teamed up Dr. Ian Smith to help other plus-size people to lose weight with a new fitness DVD.

"Battle of the Bulge" is an instructional fitness DVD that offers work-outs for plus sized people to get in shape with exercises targeted to improve a person’s health and mobility, as well as to burn fat.

Bone Crusher offers encouraging instruction through out four workout routines, which can be done from a standing or sitting position, for persons with limited mobility.

"I decided to put together a fitness DVD because there aren't really any workout DVDs available to people who are significantly overweight, " Bone Crusher told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "Those are the people who really need a routine that is effective and realistic. Given the increase in obesity rates in this country, I thought it was important to provide a tool to help others in my position lose weight and increase health and wellness."

"Battle of the Bulge" offers 20-Minute, 40-Minute, Modified Couch Workout, or Modified Bed Workout routines for those who are at the beginner to moderate levels.

In addition to releasing his fitness DVD, Bone Crusher is also gearing up to release the first album on his Vainglorious Entertainment label, titled Fat Boy Rock Star.

"Battle of the Bulge" will hit retail stores on February 12, 2008 and will be available for purchase for $14.97.

For more information visit: http://www.battleofthebulgefitness.com.