Rapper Brisco Admits He Tried To Sell $150,000 In Fake Money To Undercover Cop

AllHipHop Staff

Brisco was once a promising rapper coming out of Florida, but now he's heading to prison for being involved in a crime ring.

(AllHipHop News) Florida rapper Brisco will be cooling his heels behind bars for the next few years, after getting busted with hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in fake cash.

Brisco, real name British Mitchell, pleaded guilty to charges related to his attempt to sell counterfeit money to an undercover agent back in 2016.

The Feds caught the rapper in a string after he tried to sell $150,000 in counterfeit money.

Brisco was also involved in a credit-card/identity theft ring, which operated in Miami and specialized in selling stoves and refrigerators, which were then sold to various contractors at steep discounts.

The rapper also led Broward County cops on a high-speed chase in August of 2006 when the cops were closing in on him.

Authorities finally caught up with Brisco when they learned he would be making an appearance at a Hallandale Beach strip club.

According to reports, Brisco is facing at least four years in prison when he is sentenced for his felonious schemes this May. 

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This is old I thought he was already in prison for this