Rapper Buckshot Dances Out Of NY Hospital

Duck Down Co-CEO and rapper Buckshot was released from a New York area hospital today (October 2) after an eight-day.

The rapper was hospitalized after suffering a series of seizures last week, when he returned home from a three-week tour of Europe.

According to representatives for the rapper, he suffered nine seizures in one day, which doctors believe was brought on by physical exhaustion and dehydration. Buckshot has made a full recovery and even left the hospital in good spirits, by reportedly doing the "Macarena" dance upon his discharge.

"I want to thank all the fans who called and wrote emails extending their well wishes and prayers," Buckshot said. "All the support helped me recover that much quicker."

Now, Buckshot will head back to work, as he prepares a group project with KRS-One, a new third album with producer 9th Wonder and a fourth studio album from his own group, Black Moon.