Rapper C Struggs Passes Away At 32 Years Old

Rest in peace to Texas rapper, C Struggs.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) C Struggs has passed away from cancer at 32 years old.

The Texas native was most known for his collab with Rick Ross on “Do It,” and soon gained a fanbase of his own.

Doctors gave the rappereight weeks to live, but the disease "ripped through his body" in the few days leading up to his death.

A source close to Struggs stated, "He was putting up a good fight because he was recording music and even doing videos and all that shitt, but his health got really bad over the last couple of days.”

C Struggs was first diagnosed with metastatic cancer back in March, and had surgery a month later.

Music had always been an outlet from his experiences growing up on the streets to his own father passing away from cancer four years ago.

His death comes as a hard one for the Dallas community because C Struggs was known to be lovable, kind, caring individual.

Prayers to his family and loved ones.