Rapper Cam'ron Shot In Washington, DC


posted: 3:15 am


1:00 pm

Superstar rapper Cam’ron was shot in Washington, DC this morning (Oct.

23) around 2:30 am sources have revealed to AllHipHop.com.

The Harlem, New York native was leaving club H20 en-route to

Love (formerly Dream) when three unknown gunmen approached the rapper.

While details are sketchy, eyewitnesses said the men were seeking

the rapper’s pricey Lamborghini, which he was driving while in town for

a performance over the weekend.

“They were after that car,” an eyewitness told AllHipHop.com.

“Cam refused to give it up and attempted to drive away and they shot up

the car.”

Cam’ron was struck at least once and while officials have

not released his actual status, Cam's publicist at Susan Blond confirmed the

rapper was shot at least twice - once in each arm.

His injures are allegedly not life threatening and the rapper

was treated at Howard University Hospital.

“Juelz, Jim [Jones] and other Dip-Set members are with

him at the hospital right now,” the source said.

Cam’ron, CEO of Diplomat Records, has been driving the

blue Lamborghini since at least June of 2005.

"I bought the Lamborghini especially for New York,"

Cam'ron told a 106 & Park audience prior to being arrested. “Because

we figure that we can only see stuff like this in Miami, but I am bringing it

to the streets of New York."

In July, police in Harlem stopped the rapper and arrested him

while driving the Italian sports car for driving with a suspended license.

Officials at Howard University Hospital declined comment and

police did not comment at press time.

Representative for Susan Blond, the company that handles Cam's

publicity issued the following statement to AllHipHop.com:


was shot in Washington DC. He is currently OK, resting and recovering."