Rapper Cassidy & DJ Green Lantern Drop 7.7.7 Prequel Mixtape

Rapper Cassidy has teamed with DJ Green Lantern to release 7.7.7 a prequel to his highly-anticipated third album, B.A.R.S. -The Barry Adrien Reese Story.

7.7.7, which will debut on 07/07/07, will be available for only 7 days exclusively on AllHipHop.com.

The album also has significant meaning to both Cassidy and Green Lantern, as the 07/07/07 is also both of their birthdays.

"It's 07/07/07. That's like, classical right there," Cassidy told AllHipHop.com. "It's definitely a special birthday so I wanted to just celebrate, but instead of getting a gift and being selfish, I¹d rather give a gift. So I'm giving out seven exclusive songs because the streets need it."

7.7.7 will also contain the Philadelphia rapper's single "My Drink n' My 2-Step," the first release from B.A.R.S., which hits stores on September 19.

B.A.R.S. features production by Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze, The Runners, Neo Da Matrix, Timbaland, Cool and Dre, Hi-Tek and others, as well as guest appearances by John Legend, Beanie Sigel, Fabolous, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Eve and Rell.

The album is said to contain Cassidy's new outlook on life, since recovering from a life threatening car accident in October of 2006, when a truck swerved into oncoming traffic and struck the side of the SUV that he was passenger in.

Cassidy was in a brief coma and suffered a fractured skull and numerous broken bones in his face.

Tonight, both Cassidy and Green Lantern will celebrate their lives at Avalon in New York, where the rapper will debut new material.

Cassidy, 25, is currently on the And1 Mixtape tour, putting the finishing touches on B.A.R.S and giving 7.7.7 to his fans.

"I'm not making you buy it, I'm not making you go through a bunch of trials and tribulations to get it, I'm just giving it to you," Cassidy said.