Rapper Chamillionaire Planning Video For 'Industry Groupie'

Houston, Texas rapper Chamillionaire is preparing to shoot the video for Industry Groupie, the latest single from his critically acclaimed sophomore album Ultimate Victory.

The video re-teams the rapper with veteran director Marc Klasfeld, who shot the video for his single "Hip-Hop Police" featuring Slick Rick.

"Most of the time before you choose a director for your video, you have to look at different treatments in order to pick out the right one, but with Marc I just sat down and talked to him and he completely understood where I was going and what I wanted to do creatively with that record," Chamillionaire told AllHipHop.com.

The rapper also clarified the conceptual song's subject matter, despite the message the title conveys.

"It's a conceptual song. A lot of people listen to it and think I am talking about a female that has slept with a whole bunch of rappers, but I am actually talking about the industry overall and how it has changed," Chamillionaire revealed. "All my songs have a concept and if you just sit back and really listen to my album, you will realize that all the records where it sounds like I am talking about a female, I am really talking about music."

Chamillionaire, who snagged a Grammy Award in Feb. 2007 for his single "Ridin," hopes Ultimate Victory will reap the same rewards.

The video for "Hip-Hop Police" was recently nominated for a BET Hip-Hop Award for Best Hip-Hop Video of the Year.

"To me gaining a nomination is a blessing," Chamillionaire told AllHipHop.com. "It feels good to be recognized for doing something different and being creative. At the end of the day, people fail to realize that we are artists and as artists we have to constantly change and reinvent ourselves so that we can push the envelope and take creativity to a completely different level."

Chamillionaire, who is currently in Paris, France on a tour of Europe, is also planning a tour of the United States.

He is also developing new artists Tony Henry, an R&B singer and rappers Lil' Ken and Young Low.

"A lot of artists start to feel like they are too big to go one the road," Chamillionaire said, "I feel that is the best way to reach people is to go where they are, that is why I am talking to you from Paris. My artists are here with me learning the in's and out's of the business because I want them to be the best artists they can be and help them develop creatively, so that Chamillitary can one day be a dynasty like Roc-A-Fella, No Limit and Bad Boy."

Chamillionaire's new album Ultimate Victory is in stores now.