Rapper Charged For Shooting Out Street Lights In Viral Video

AllHipHop Staff

A rapper from Gary, Indiana went viral for shooting out the street lights on a utility pole on New year's Eve. Now he's facing a charge.

(AllHipHop News) A Gary, Indiana rapper is facing felony charges after a video surfaced of him firing bullets at a utility pole.

The suspect is believed to have recorded the video and posted it on social media to bring in 2020.

The video shows people firing guns into the air to ring in the New Year.

At one point, the cameraman fires several shots towards a NIPSCO power pole.

The transformer and power line attached appear to spark and then the power goes out.

Other individuals start calling out a rapper ultimately identified as Manky Santana, who was blamed for firing the shots that left a whole neighborhood dark.

The police received tips from people about the video and Gary police and the FBI started the investigation.

According to The Times, a search warrant on two homes associated with Crawford was executed on Monday.

Police said Manky Santana and another person were inside one of the homes during the search warrant.

Guns and ammunition were seized from the two homes including 12 handguns, shotguns and AR-15 style assault rifles.

Manky Santana, who the police believe is the man at the center of the recorded video that went rounds on Facebook was arrested.

Police said that Manky Santana had initially denied opening fire but later accepted claiming he ran from the scene.

Based on the charging documents, the 20-year-old, real name Andre Crawford, has been hit with criminal mischief and criminal recklessness.

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