Rapper Chuck D.Named An 'Icon', Honored By Magazine

Public Enemy frontman

Chuck D. will be featured in Swindle Magazine's first ever "Icons" issue,

which is dedicated to various people who have had an influence in popular culture.


has partnered with technology giant Motorola, to produce a series of exclusive

sit down dinners in New York and Los Angeles with the various personalities featured

in the issue, which honors people like Alan Dershowitz, Tyra Banks, Hulk Hogan, author

Judy Blume, Larry Flynt, Bobby Seale and others."The

common denominator for choosing an "Icon" for the issue was to find

those who are singular in their pursuit or their accomplishments," said Swindle's

Editor-In-Chief Roger Gastman. "We weren't looking for the most famous or

the most successful but those who are without peer. We feel that we have found

50 such individuals and we are honored to have them grace our magazine and we

look forward to the unique events which will bring such disparate talents and

personalities under one roof."The

invite-only dinners will take place during the month of October.