Rapper Chuck D. Wants DJ’ing Taught In Schools

AllHipHop Staff

Chuck D. believes hip-hop culture should be taught in schools around the world to expose children to the arts.

(AllHipHop News) Public Enemy rapper and producer Chuck D wants children around the world to be taught how to DJ in school.

The 57-year-old hip-hop veteran, who met bandmate Flavor Flav while studying graphic design at New York's Adelphi University, believes an artistic education is key to unlocking young people's potential.

"I was raised as an artist, my schooling was as an artist, my profession has been based on artistry so I can tell you art will set you free if you really dig it," he tells Britain's Q magazine.

Chuck adds, "Instruments, turntables, lyrics, art...it should all be a part of the global education curriculum."

The musician says governments around the globe should emulate British politicians' foundation of art and design colleges in the 1950s and 1960s, as several legendary rock groups, including The Beatles and Pink Floyd had members who attended art school.

"Unfortunately most people aren't educated in the arts," he explains. "One of the best things was after World War II the U.K. set up all these art schools. Lots of bands jumped to the front because they met there and learnt something."

The hip-hop star is now intent on giving new artists fresh opportunities with his SpitSlam record group.

"Servicing artists' dreams and curating their art gives me great joy," he says of his music venture, which helps fund emerging artists' projects.

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"Instruments, turntables, lyrics, art" SHOULD be options.. Like you had the option to NOT do some click bait bullshit with this title "Chuck D. Wants DJ’ing Taught In Schools"