Rapper Common Encourages People To 'Vote 4 Obama' In New PSA

Rapper Common is taking his support of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama to the next level, by appearing in first in a series of celebrity public service announcements.

The newly launched effort, called 'Get-Out-The-Vote 4 Obama, is the brainchild of Vote Hope, a new statewide political network committed to raising voter turnout in California among young people and people of color while increasing civic engagement by supporting candidates at all levels of government who share our vision for change.

"I'm voting for Obama because he's just there to do some good in the world", the rapper said in the video, which can be seen on www.votehope2008.org.

Those who view the video are encouraged to "Bank it for Barack" by pledging to vote on VoteHope2008.org.

People can also leave their own online video response stating why they are voting for Obama.

Vote Hope's objective is to get hundreds of thousands of early votes pledged and banked for the senator, leading into the California primary on Feb. 5, 2008.

"Increasing voter turnout among young people and communities of color in California will be critical to Obama's success," Vote Hope founder Steve Phillips said in a statement.

Common is among a group of celebrities who have come out in support the cause.

The rapper, who is enjoying the success of his latest album, Finding Forever, can also be seen alongside actors Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in the film American Gangster.