Rapper Cool C's Execution Warrant Signed by PA Governor Ed Rendell

Pennsylvania Governor

Ed Rendell signed the execution warrant yesterday for former Philadelphia rapper

Christopher "Cool C" Roney.

Roney, 36, is currently an inmate at Pennsylvania’s State

Correctional Institution at Greene and is set to die by lethal injection on

March 9.

In October 1996, Roney was found guilty of first-degree murder

in the killing of Philadelphia police officer and nine-year veteran Lauretha

Vaird during a botched January 1996 bank robbery that included rap partner Warren

"Steady B" McGlone and a third man.

Vaird was Philadelphia's first female officer ever killed in

the line of duty.

While McGlone was convicted as an accomplice and getaway driver,

later receiving life in prison, prosecutors asserted that Roney was the triggerman

and sentenced him to death.

The sentence was affirmed by the state's Supreme Court a year

ago, and a subsequent plea to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied in October 2005.

Roney was a member of rap crew The Hilltop Hustlers in the late

1980s and helped put Philly rappers on the map with singles such as

"Juice Crew Dis" (which was later used by Philadephia rappers Beanie

Sigel & Peedi Crack on 'When You Hear'), as well as 1989's hit single, "Glamorous


As a rapper, Roney released two albums, 1989's I Gotta Habit and 1990’s

Life in the Ghetto.

In 1993, he joined

Steady B and Ultimate Eaze to form the group C.E.B. and released the album Countin'

Endless Bank in 1993 on Ruffhouse Records.