Rapper Dark Lo Charged With Tampering With A Witness over AR-AB Drug Trial

Mike Winslow

Philly rapper Dark Lo has been caught up in AR-AB drug trial in Philadelphia.

(AllHipHop News) Philly rapper Dark Lo remains incarcerated, over claims he attempted to intimidate a witness during a federal drug trial.

Dark Lo is an artist on AR-AB's Philadelphia-based OBH Records imprint.

In October of 2018, AR-AB, who is the CEO of the label, was indicted for running a massive drug operation in the city.

Last week, Dark Lo sat in on AB's trial as it kicked off.

According to reps for Dark Lo, a cooperating witness was uncomfortable with his presence in the courtroom, because he felt threatened.

"After three days of being in the court-room to support his best friend, fellow rapper AR-AB, Dark Lo was approached by Federal Agents and told a government witness did not feel comfortable testifying with him in the courtroom," a representative for Dark Lo explained.

The cooperating witnesses' reluctance to testify with Dark Lo present set off an investigation.

"Federal Agents presented "a search warrant looking for any correspondence and communication Dark Lo may have had with the government witness prior to his testimony," according to Dark Lo's rep.

The Feds locked up the rapper on November 7th for tampering with a confidential informant.

"We are confident that Dark Lo will be exonerated of all the charges levied against him and he appreciates all of the prayers and support he has received during this very trying time," his representative said.

Dark Lo remains incarcerated as of today (November 11th).

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Vigilant Los Angeles Detective TV (VLADTV) strikes again!!!! How many time's must someone get their lives turned upside down/fucked up before people learn to stay away from doing interviews with him. His whole "schtick" is to get you (comedian/athlete/rapper/ex drug dealer/gangbanger) to say something controversial & once you do....BAM!!!! shit is never the same again!!!