Rapper Daz Announces New Solo Album D.A.Z.

(AllHipHop News) Dogg Pound rapper Daz has announced the release of a new independent album, titled D.A.Z. According to Daz, the album, which is being released on Daz' Dogg Pound Records, will return to a classic West coast sound."This whole album is going to be all West coast beats," said Daz, who revealed that D.A.Z. will feature 10 songs and a come with a bonus DVD. "Voice control, no yelling, smooth s**t," said Daz. "[The album is] for the real fans out there. Not you mother f**king haters out there talking s**t on the blogs, suck a c**k you bastards," Daz said.Daz' last major release was the album 100 Wayz with Tha Dogg Pound. The album, which was released in August, features guest appearances by Snoop, Soopafly, RBX, Nate Dogg and others. D.A.Z. is slated to hit stores in 2011.