Rapper DMX Accused Of Assaulting Fans In German Night Club

Two men have filed

complaints with police in Berlin, Germany, claiming that U.S. rap star DMX assaulted

them in a Berlin nightclub.

DMX was in Berlin’s Sage Club last Friday (Sept. 16) following

an appearance earlier in the evening.

The rapper became involved in an altercation with Oliver Osterode,

24 and Julian Schmidt, 24, allegedly comments made while in the bathroom.

"I wanted to go to the bathroom and met DMX,” Osterode

told German newspaper BZ. “I told him that I think he's cool, but Lil’

Jon is better. Then he freaked out. He slapped me in the face, and then his

bodyguards attacked us."

Osterode suffered a swollen eye, bruised ribs and other lacerations,

while Schmidt reportedly suffered bruises to his abdomen.

Managers for DMX

have assigned a Munich based lawyer to investigate the incident. Representatives

for the rapper were not available as of press time.