Rapper DMX Pleads Guilty To Driving Charges, Facing 60 Days

Hip-Hop star DMX may

have to serve 60 days in prison.

The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, pleaded guilty

Tuesday (Oct. 25) to violating the terms of an agreement reached after a driving

infraction last year.

Additionally, DMX confessed that he had a pair of other violations

while his driver’s license was suspended or revoked, according to the

Associated Press.

The rapper’s driver’s license was suspended after

a June 2004 road rage incident at JFK Airport in Queens, New York.

DMX managed to avoid jail time after chasing another driver

through the airport parking lot with flashing lights and sirens on his SUV.

He later admitted to being under the influence of Valium during

the fiasco.

Police claim DMX was pulling the other driver out of the car

when they arrived on the scene. His charges were eventually reduced to misdemeanor


In December of 2004, DMX had more problems with his driving.

The Def Jam rapper was arrested and charged with speeding violations


Westchester, New York, after police caught the rapper driving over 100 mph in

a 65 mph zone.

In April of 2005, DMX was driving on the Major Deegan Expressway

in the

Bronx, when he crashed into a car that then struck an unmarked police cruiser.

The rapper has maintained that he was rushing to the hospital

because his wife was in labor, but prosecutors said the child was born three

days later.

Sentencing has

been scheduled for November 17.