Rapper DMX's Wife Auctions Off Platinum Jay-Z Plaque For Non-Profit

(AllHipHop News) DMX’s wife Tashera Simmons has officially launched her new organization Women of Strength Group, a new, tax exempt, non-profit organization aimed at helping children, women and families deal with abuse.Simmons has started raising funds for the non-profit by hosting an auction on eBay, where a rare Roc-A-Fella plaque with Jay-Z’s signature is being sold. The authentic plaque’s starting bid is $5,0000 and features numerous platinum plaques bearing some of Jay-Z’s best known albums.Additionally, the plaque features a message from Jay-Z, which says “16 million and counting. Thank you for your support, Jay-Z.”Women of Strength is a foundation that dedicates its time and resources for women and children who lives have been affected by drug abuse, abandonment, and other social conflicts,” Mrs. Simmons told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “Our goals is to shelter and guide them to a new start in life by providing workshops that focus on the mental rehabilitation needed to re-enter society. We help kids of women affected by unfortunate situations that they have no control over and help them get through their emotional detachment.” Tashera Simmons has dealt with serious issues as the wife of superstar rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons. The internationally known rapper/actor has been arrested every year since 1999, on multiple charges, ranging from impersonating a police officer to animal abuse.DMX is currently finishing a six-month sentence in Arizona for failing a drug test last June. He even addressed his drug issues in a new track titled “Yall N***as Bounce,” which hit the Internet last week. As Mrs. Simmons, she has stayed with her husband through the arrests, extra-marital affairs and the prison time, much of which was chronicled on BET’s reality series DMX: Soul of A Man.“Woman of all ethnic backgrounds, religions and social classes can benefit from Women of Strength nationally,” Simmons stated. “Pregnant teens, runaway woman, and domestic abuse victims can find open arms and a place of hope at the woman of strength foundation.”To bid on the Roc-A-Fella plaque, click here. All proceeds will benefit the Women of Strength Group.