Rapper Dorrough Comments On Rumors Of A Sex Tape

(AllHipHop News) Dallas, Texas rapper Dorrough has cleared the air surrounding rumors on Twitter, Facebook and blog, about the looming release of a sex tape. “I sent the single right after I UStreamed last night," Dorrough told AllHipHop.com. "I Ustreamed about 9 P.M. Central time, and it was basically because everyone was blowing up my Twitter about a little issue, about sex tape going around, and I just got on my UStream and let the people know what I could tell them, ya feel me."“Since there was sex talk going around, you know what I’m saying, I been ready to leak a record on the album, even though I wasn’t supposed to," Dorrough explained. "The label is mad about me about it, but I ain’t even trippin’. I gotta give the people something before the album drops."And just as Dorrough’s sex tape leaks, a new song from the rapper aptly titled “Freaky,” featuring Tameka Pearl, also a Prime Time Click artist, was recently released. “It’s a crazy man. I am more of an action over words type person. But it’s really that sex talk," Dorrough explained. "Actually a lot of people don’t know that I’m big with women, so I had to give them that real down south southern sex talk in this song."Dorrough also took the time to state that the song has nothing to do with the sex tape.“I had to let everyone know on my UStream that what was supposed to be the sex tape and the song have nothing to do with each other. Tameka is my artist so we are just working on branding her right now,” Dorrough said.In related news, the first single on the album, “Get Big”, is in heavy rotation across the country.“ It’s [‘Get Big’] growing, its almost at 2,000 spins across the country. It's growing everyday, its on the Top 10 Countdown on BET 106 & Park, it was the MTV Jam of the Week, its #4 on MTV Sucka Free,” Dorrough commented. “It’s going viral. It’s crazy in the clubs and concerts when I perform in any city in the country. It’s even getting a bigger response than 'Ice Cream Paint Job,' so its just one of those 2010 anthems. Its gonna be a big hit with the sports teams,” Dorrough said. Get Big the album is dropping September 7th and features Ray J, Juvenile, Gorilla Zoe, Yo Gotti, Jim Jones, Mouse on the Track, Nitti, 2Much and Q Smith who both did production on “Ice Cream Paint Job” and “Halle Berry” respectively.