Rapper Eve Drank, Popped Xannies Until DUI Helped Her Get Out Of A "Dark Period"

Eve opens up about her past drug use.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Eve turned to drugs and alcohol after her love life and music career stalled.

The "Who's That Girl" hitmaker didn't know what direction her life was going in after she got out of a "toxic relationship" and wasn't making any strides in her career, so she started drinking heavily and taking Xanax prescription pills to cope.

"I was just like, 'What is happening with my life?'," she said on her U.S. show The Talk. "So I started drinking a lot... because I didn't want to deal with my emotions. I didn't really have anyone to talk to.

"I was even popping Xanax and drinking to numb my pain. And at the time that I was in it, I didn't really see that I was harming myself. I just thought that I was coping, but I really wasn't."

It took a driving under the influence charge to help her turn her life around.

"It took my DUI... to wake me up because I had to wear an ankle (bracelet)," she said. "I didn't want to because I knew it would force me to deal with my stuff. And thankfully I did and I was able to get healthy."


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