Rapper Foxy Brown Charged With 'Mooning' Neighbor During Altercation

(AllHipHop News) Details surrounding Foxy Brown’s arrest yesterday (July 21st) in the Brooklyn, New York neighborhood where she resides, are emerging. Brown was arrested yesterday after becoming involved in a verbal altercation with Arlene Raymond, the woman with whom the rapper has been feuding with since at least 2007. During the altercation yesterday, the pair allegedly became involved in a dispute over the volume of Foxy Brown’s music, as she was reportedly rehearsing for her upcoming show at B.B. Kings on July 25th. Raymond claims that Brown walked up to her home, called her a “dirty b**ch” and then lifted her skirt and “mooned” her, or exposed her bare butt. TMZ.com obtained a copy of the police report, which claims Foxy Brown "bent over and thrust [her] buttocks at the [neighbor] while shouting ... 'kiss my ass.'"Brown and Raymond have fought over the rapper’s lifestyle in the neighborhood in the past. In July of 2007, the two fought because Foxy Brown was playing her car stereo at a loud volume in the Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, neighborhood. Brown allegedly assaulted Raymond with her cellphone during the altercation. Foxy Brown eventually entered into a plea deal, in which she wrote a letter apologizing to Raymond. Raymond was also issued an order of protection against Foxy Brown, which was violated during the altercation yesterday (July 21st). Foxy Brown, born Inga Marchand, has been charged with six criminal offenses, including public lewdness, criminal contempt, menacing and harassment.