Rapper Foxy Brown Misses Scheduled Court Date


Brown missed a scheduled court date yesterday to answer charges leveled against

her by a former assistant, who filed complaints accusing the rapper of harassment,

terrorist threats and verbal abuse.Brown

was supposed to appear in a Jersey City Municipal Court yesterday, but missed

the date for unknown reasons. A judge declined to issue an arrest warrant for

Brown because Ellis missed the court date as well, because she went to Hudson

County Superior Court - the wrong courtroom. Ellis,

worked for Brown briefly before quitting in June, also claims that when she tried

to collect back pay, Brown went to Ellis' place of employment with two other people

and made threats through Ellis' cellphone. According

to the New York Daily News, the court date has been rescheduled for August 23.


is still scheduled in court on July 17 to face charges of assaulting two nail

salon employees during a dispute over payment in August 2004.