Rapper Frost Signs On As VP Of Music For Goldmark Entertainment

Pioneering Latino

rapper Frost, aka Kid Frost has been named Vice President of Music for Goldmark


Goldmark Industries, which was founded in 1989, is entering the urban entertainment

business with a focus on all aspects of the genre, including music, films, television,

DVD and events.Frost,

who has been rapping since 1980, released his first 12 inch "Commando Rock"

in 1984. The rapper found mainstream success in 1990 with his single "La

Raza." He

was one of the first bilingual Latino rappers to have major success within the

Hip-Hop landscape, paving the way for such rappers as Fat Joe, Cypress Hill, Big

Pun and many others."The

thing keeps my name in people's mouths is that I keep reinventing myself,"

Frost said. "I don't just keep on making the same music. I want to take bilingual

Hip-Hip, a trend I was [on] the forefront of one step further, while still kicking

vivid rhymes about the code of the streets with authenticity."Frost

released several albums including his debut Hispanic Causing Panic (1990),

the follow-up, East Side Story (1992), Smile Now Die Later (1995)

and When Hell.A.Freezes Over (1997), both of which were released on the

late Eazy-E's Ruthless Records imprint. Frost

dropped his most recent release, Frost Angeles in 2005. The rapper attributed

his longevity in the rap game to his rhyme skills. "As

I see the KRS-One's and the LL Cool J's still in it, I won't budge," Frost

continued. "A lot of people might say that I'm too old. But I don't think

it's your age or how you rap. It's your rap skills that keep you in the game.

As long as we make that knocking Chevy music, we're going to stay in this rap



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