Rapper Future Making Masks For Medics Fighting COVID-19

Kershaw St. Jawnson

The Grammy-winner, Future, his FreeWishes Foundation, and Atlanta Sewing Style have come together to partner in efforts to provide masks for healthcare professionals fighting a pandemic.

(AllHipHop News) Institutions like Brooklyn’s Kings County hospital have told their nurses that they have to use hand sanitizers to clean disposable masks and that they must keep them for a full week.

They are doing this because there simply are no masks to do a surge in coronavirus infections.

Even though the federal government is sitting on 1.5 million N95 surgical masks in storage, they are expired.

The CDC has said that they were approved to be dispatched to the thousands of hospitals and health care providers desperately in need.

But word is that if those masks go out, they are going to the TSAs in the airports.

Thank God for people like Atlanta’s own, Future.

The Grammy-winner, his FreeWishes Foundation, and Atlanta Sewing Style have come together to partner in efforts to provide masks for healthcare professionals who have been impacted or working with patients impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

His organization, Freewishes foundation has collaborated with Atlanta Sewing Style to be proactive about solving this problem, with a very basic notion: MAKE THE DAMN MASKS.

The team is working to recruit over 500 tailors to “create, cut, sew and deliver masks to local hospitals in need.”

The rapper, who has a song entitled, “Masks Off,” sees that a small effort like this can make a difference and so he is putting his resources where his heart is.

So his “Mask On Challenge” is a natural way to inspire his fans to think smart and put their noggins to work to do something great for these health care providers, who are so challenged.

“There is so much that needs to be done during this crisis and if everyone can step up in some way, we can all get through this together as we serve our community,” Future's mom Stephanie Jester said. “I think that our healthcare professionals are the heroes in this situation, and they are risking their lives for everyone, so it is our responsibility to help protect them."

“It is important to my brother, Future and I that we are of service to our community, especially during this pandemic and throughout the year. This is why our family created the foundation”, Tia-Wilburn Anderson, co-founder of the Freewishes Foundation added.

If you are interested in donating to the Mask On Campaign email info@freewishes.org or visit www.freewishes.org.

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This is a nice and thoughtful contribution. If possible we should consider doing whatever we can to help others. Rather it be health professionals or our neighbors or anyone in need. We are all facing a crisis together. And Yes, I bought pizza for those in my building because I realize money is tight for all of us. Stay safe everyone.


Thats great but they need the N95 respirator mask, thats the issue, they aren't making masks with that respirator.