Rapper Giggs Calls The Sun Newspaper “Bastards” Over Drill Music Controversy

Giggs is not pleased with the paper’s recent coverage of the UK drill scene.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) One of the UK’s most well-known artists feels some type of way about the front page cover story on The Sun.

He claims the London newspaper’s intense coverage of the UK’s drill music scene only took place as a result of the death of Incognito, a member of drill group Moscow17.

Sharing to Instagram to his followers, he begins, “Sorry too the mother of this kid that died,prayers to you and you family,and sorry to turn this even more negative.”

Paired with a photo of the cover of the Sun which reveals the words “Blood Money” in the headline, he continues.

Giggs, real name Siddique Kamara, aka Incognito, was stabbed to death in Camberwell, shortly after appearing on Tim Westwood’s video channel earlier that week.

“But I must say, It’s strange how when our music gets popular we make your shit news paper. Black yutes were dying weekly and barely made the south London Press, and what a surprise that it’s not about a kid losing his life, it’s just some bullshit story you made up about profit and Westwood. Look how the story starts “Former Radio 1....” not “Young kid loses his life...”😔 Suck your mums Sun newspaper. You lot are DONE. Your paper is so dead you’ve had to resort to writing about people you don’t care about. I give you lot another 2 years tops before you go bankrupt. @thesun

Giggs reminds the people that these killings happen every day.

He finished the caption off by calling the paper “bastards.”