Rapper Guru's Health Condition Upgraded; Hasn't Spoken To DJ Premier In 7 Years

(AllHipHop News) Hospitalized rapper Guru has issued another statement regarding his health condition, which doctors recently upgraded to stable.

Guru, born Keith Elam, suffered from a massive heart attack last month and reportedly went into a coma, either before surgery or shortly thereafter.

The rapper was diagnosed as having Anoxia because of his history of having lung problems and asthma. Guru is not in a coma and is resting and recovering.

After numerous inquires about his health, MC Solar, Guru’s partner in the label 7 Grand Records, issued a statement from Guru, who entrusted his partner and longtime friend to act as his spokesman. Solar’s credibility came into question, when Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff claimed that Solar was blocking family members from seeing Guru.

"When a patient is in such critical conditions it is very common that not everyone is allowed to enter the room, especially when Mr. Keith Elam doesn't want to see certain people," one of Guru's doctors said in a statement to AllHipHop.com.

In the press release issued today, representatives for Guru revealed that he and DJ Premier haven’t spoken to each other in over 7 years."That's something I don't want to talk about. I don't want to talk about the past. The past is the past. It is what it is. It was great, but that was then and this is now." said Guru.

In regards to his recovery, Solar said that the fans’ support has given him the strength to continue to recover.

"The outpouring of love from around the world has been tremendous," Solar said. "I'm reading some of the best e-mails, texts and Twitters that come in and Guru enjoys them. I think that's what has been helping his recovery and what's got him in there fighting."