Rapper Ice-T Beats NYPD - Traffic Charges Dismissed

(AllHipHop News) Gangsta rap pioneer Ice-T has emerged victorious in a feud with the New York Police Department, as traffic charges against him were dismissed today (August 17th) in a Manhattan Court. Ice-T, who also stars in Law & Order: SVU, was originally charged with driving with a suspended license and not wearing a seatbelt on July 20th. The rapper/actor became upset over the attitude of the officer, whom he labeled a "punk b**ch rookie cop" who arrested him for no reason. According to the New York Post, Ice-T was handcuffed and fingerprinted before being released after three hours of detainment. Today, Ice-T was vindicated when a judge dismissed all the charges against the 52-year-old rapper, born Tracey Morrow.