Rapper J. Money (J. Futuristic) Shot Six Times in Atlanta

Atlanta rapper J. Money aka J. Futuristic is lucky to be alive today, after having been shot six times last week, while getting ready for a video shoot for his upcoming single, “Hold Up.”

by Jake Crates

(AllHipHop News) According to MTV News, J. Money is currently in stable condition and remains hospitalized after having bullets go through his arm, back and calf.

“[They] just started coming from everywhere,” he told MTV RapFix. “Like a hundred shots. It just came from everywhere, man. It was crazy. It was a nightmare.”

J Futuristic will continue to release music and anticipates that “Hold Up,” will be the turning point for his career going forward.

“I’m here for music, so that’s what I’m going to do till I die. And God ain’t ready for me to die,” he said. “I just want to touch people through my music and put out a positive message.”