Rapper Jay-Z Releasing New Album 'American Gangster' In November

Rapper/mogul Jay-Z has announce that he will release an album full of all new material this November titled American Gangster.

While Jay-Z's version of American Gangster is separate from the official motion picture soundtrack, the new album is Jay-Z's lyrical interpretation of the movie, which stars Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Cuba Gooding Jr. (as Nicky Barnes), RZA, T.I., Ruby Dee, Common and others.

American Gangster is based on the true story of Frank Lucas, who is played by Denzel Washington. The movie chronicles Lucas rise to dominance over the Harlem drug trade in the streets of New York in 1970 by smuggling heroin into the country using the coffins of Vietnam veterans returning home from the war.

The movie is produced by Brian Grazer and directed and produced by Ridley Scott and opens in theaters November 2.

According to the sources, the first single from Jay-Z's American Gangster album will be titled "Blue Magic."

The album will feature a variety of producers, including Pharrell Williams.

Jay-Z's album American Gangster is due in stores November 6.