Rapper Kanye West Accused Of Stealing 2007 Hit 'Stronger'

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop star Kanye West is entangled in a new lawsuit that was recently filed over his hit 2007 single “Stronger,” from the hit album Graduation. Songwriter/producer Vincent “Vince P.” Peters filed the lawsuit on Friday (June 25th) in United States District Court For the Northern District of Illinois. Peters claims he wrote the track in 2006 and played it for John Monopoly, a manager/business associate of Kanye West, at his Chicago home on November 12th, 2006.According to Peters, West recorded his own version of “Stronger” about seven months after a copy of the song was given to Monopoly. Peters claims Kanye West copied significant portions of his song “Stronger” and incorporated them into his own version, which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The Grammy Award-winning single has sold over 3 million copies, while the album Graduation has moved almost 2 million units. According to iTunes, “Stronger” is also the 16th most downloaded song of all time. Peters is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages and a trial by jury. Kanye West is currently finishing material for a new album, Good Ass Job.