Rapper Kidnaps People For Sport

“I’m a hustler, not a rapper, it’s just rap is my hustle,” Cam’ron spit on his sophomore set Sports, Drugs and Entertainment. Well, now-a-days rappers are pushing more weight than just CD’s. Whether it’s Cam’s Oh Boy cologne, Diddy’s restaurant and clothing line or Talib Kweli’s bookstore, hip hop has bred its fair share of entrepreneurs. Next in line looking to cash in, with a new niche, is Detroit rapper Mr. Scrillion a.k.a. Adam Thick—as in one long name, the whole thing, the rapper turned businessman said. Thick has turned the extreme sports craze into a new extreme enterprise, in which people actually pay him to kidnap them and follow a pre-constructed plot that ensures the safety of the client. “I have kidnapped 11 clients as a professional service,” Thick told AllHipHop.com. “And that doesn’t take into account the unofficial kidnappings before this was a business venture.”

Most of the clients are straight thrill seekers according to Thick, but they do design a rescue method, where either they are discovered by a friend in a location where they will be spotted or a call is placed to that person to come and free the customer who has been bound. He said he came up with the idea for the business by just looking for new fads. “I’m always on the lookout for new trends. The business venture might sound crazy and some might think it’s a ‘Detroit Thang’,’ but really it’s just something I came up with. I’m prone to come up with stuff like this, ask anyone who knows me,” Thick said.

In addition to Thick, the kidnapping group will consists of anywhere from 3-5 people. The number of crew for the kidnapping depends on how difficult of a scheme the client devises. Some will put a plan in place where the hired kidnappers just make it up as they go and ad-lib the dialogue, but Thick says some people have strange requests. “One guy wanted us to torture him as realistically as possible, he must have wanted to be in the Special Forces or maybe he has seen too many Rambo movies.” Thick insists under normal company policy there is not to be any physical damage: no cuts, burns or punctures. Additionally, the client will select a code word or phase that immediately ends all action.

Thick says he understands that with anything different and dangerous there will be criticism, but that does not mean he is going to stop. “I’d like to take it nationwide and do snatches in different states. It would be cool because it would be like going on little vacations to do a job,” the rapper said. “Right now I’m having fun with it, and it’s cool because my associates enjoy doing it and other rappers around the way are finding out, and they want to be ‘guest’ kidnapers.”

Eventually Thick would like to step out from kidnapping and just run the business and hire people. Thick has no plans of abandoning his music career; in fact he is currently working on his next CD, which remains untitled at this point. He has previously released 2 CD’s and 1 E.P., his most recent work is titled, “Anti-Hero.” When he is not kidnapping, the rapper is known to sport his trademark octopus (Yes, a real octopus) atop his head and represent North Oakland County, the part of metro Detroit where he is from.