Rapper Lil' Flip Featured In NBC's 'Las Vegas'

Lil’ Flip will be featured in an upcoming episode of NBC’s television

show “Las Vegas.”

The episode features Delinda

(Molly Simms) starring as a model in Lil’ Flip’s poolside video

shoot at the fictitious Montecito Casino.

The production is cut short

when Lil’ Flip discovers the real diamonds used as props have been stolen

and replaced by fake ones.

According to NBC’s

summary of the episode, Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Ed (James Caan) must rely on

“amateur sex video footage to track down the thief.”

On NBC’s website,

the original version of the show was supposed to feature Terror Squad leader

Fat Joe.

“Las Vegas”

centers on an elite surveillance team that must maintain the security of the

city’s largest casinos and resorts.

The show is written

by Gary Scott Thompson, writer of “The Fast and the Furious.”

The episode, titled

“Bait and Switch,” airs Monday Jan. 2 at 9pm EST.