Rapper Lil' Flip 'Victim Of A Scam' Says Lawyer

Lil' Flip's manager and his attorney have come forward to speak out against their client's recent arrest in Houston for credit card abuse.

The rapper, born Wesley Eric Weston Jr., was arrested on July 21, after allegedly purchasing Southwest Airline tickets from Houston to Baltimore, costing $671.00, using a stolen credit card owned by a man named Jordan Salinger.

Lil' Flip surrendered voluntarily and was released on $2,000 bond.

According to the rapper's manager Sandy Lal and attorney Stanley Schneider, the charges against Lil' Flip are completely false and will quickly disappear.

"Flip had absolutely no involvement with any sort of credit card fraud," says Lal. "He never personally handles any travel arrangements, that is left to promoters and travel agents. Any wrongdoing of any sort [is] clearly in their hands."

Lil' Flip's criminal attorney Stanley Schneider also proclaimed his client's innocence and said that Lil Flip, 26, was "actually a victim of a scam."

"Lil' Flip nor anyone associated with him had any knowledge that [a] stolen credit card was being used by a person hired to arrange his travel," Schneider said. "A complete investigation will easily show that Lil' Flip is innocent."

In related news, Lil' Flip continues to focus on his business endeavors.

"We are in the midst of negotiations for various ventures including a multi-million dollar relaunch of his Lucky Nites cognac," Lil' Flip's manager Sandy Lal said.

Lucky Nites is co-owned by Lil' Flip and Straight Up Brands, which also owns Cam'ron and Jim Jones' Sizzurp liquor brand.