Rapper Lil Troy Authors 'Music Industry Cook Book'

Houston rapper and entrepreneur Lil’ Troy has penned a how-to guide for those seeking to emulate his success over the last decade.

The artist, born Troy Birklett, is set to release “the music industry’s first cook book,” an autobiographical advice book about the music business titled The Heat in the Kitchen: Recipe for Success.

Complete with lists of ingredients, measurements and step-by-step instructions, Troy uses experiences from his own career to educate artists on the various ways in which they can not only attain success within the music business, but how to parlay those achievements into other business ventures. “I see so many aspiring artists going down the wrong path. Most of them want to rap because of the fame, but the major record labels are taking advantage of them,” said Lil’ Troy. “We have all of the talent and do all of the work but we are not reaping all of the monetary rewards. I saw a problem with that. This is my solution. Artists need to learn how to make our money work for us, not the other way around.”

The Heat In The Kitchen offers advice on everything from how to land a distribution deal, to building your own studio and even the importance of proper artist presentation and promotions tactics.

Troy also tackles such topics as the need to have the proper professionals surrounding an artist and the differences between signing to a major label or staying independent.

Best known outside of Houston for his 1998 hit single “Wanna Be a Baller,” Lil’ Troy’s own debut album Sitting Fat Down South earned RIAA Platinum certification in 1999, largely due to the popularity of "Baller."

Since then, Lil Troy has transformed his label into a consulting firm, teaching artists in Texas how to navigate the entertainment business.

Additionally, he reinvested his earnings as an artist into two more businesses: a bail bonding company and the Missouri City Boxing Gym, which hosts professional and amateur fights.

Lil’ Troy plans on releasing a 10-year remix to his career-making hit “Wanna Be A Baller" this summer, and is also working on a new board game called Politics.