Rapper M.O.S. Says Migos Jacked Him For Their Hit Single "Walk It, Talk It"

AllHipHop Staff

Did Migos steal one of their biggest hit records?

(AllHipHop News) Rap group Migos are going to be hauled into court over one of their biggest hit records.

The group is being sued by a rapper named M.O.S. over the song "Walk It, Talk It."

The new lawsuit claims M.O.S. recorded the song back in 2007 with DJ Folk, on a mixtape. which was released in 2008.

The rapper said he was shocked to hear a copy of his song on Migos massively successful album Culture II, which was released in January of 2018.

According to M.O.S., he filed for copyright ownership of his version of the song, but he did not do so until March of 2018, after the album was released.

M.O.S. is suing Migos and Capitol Records for unspecified damages.

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That guy has a legit argument they both got it from here though