Rapper M1, Activists Protest In Front Of Washington Monument

Rapper M1 of dead prez will perform today (November 17) in Washington, D.C. as part of the Hip Hop Caucus’ "Stop Hate Crimes and Police Violence" youth national rally and concert.

M1 and Go-Go bands Backyard, ABM and TCB will perform from dusk-til-dawn at the Washington Monument, Sylvan Theater, while various speakers and victims of police brutality will address the thousands of people who are expected to attend the rally.

The rally will unite members of congress, young leaders, artists and activists of all races, creed and color in an ongoing effort to end hate crimes and police brutality.

"As the war in Iraq rages on, we are clear that there is a war here at home, against youth of color, the violence against young people of color and the unequal treatment under the law compiles us to act, resist, and organize, we must seize the time," said the Reverend Lennox Yearwood Jr., President of the Hip Hop Caucus.

Other artists slated to perform include Familiar Faces, Uncalled 4 Experience, Mambo Sauce, What Band, Latin rock group The Locos and Punk.

The "Stop Hate Crimes and Police Violence" youth national rally and concert will take place today from 12:-00 PM - dusk as the Washington Monument, Sylvan Theater at 15th and Independence Ave., in Washington, D.C.