Rapper/Mogul Master P. On Oil Spill: "It's Out of Control"

(AllHipHop News) New Orleans rapper/mogul Percy “Master P.” Miller has offered his thoughts on the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Robots started sawing through a six-inch pipe today (June 1st) in what BP has labeled the Lower Marine Riser Package procedure. Scientists and engineers are hoping to cap the broken pipe that has leaked millions of gallons into the Gulf of Mexico since an April 20th explosion that killed 11 people and sent millions of gallons gushing into the ocean. “It's definitely something that's another tragedy for our community,” Master P. told AllHipHop.com. “[You] have to realize we have to prepare for this but, you never know when something like the oil spill will happen.”According to the latest reports, the oil will continue to leak into the Gulf of Mexico until at least August, when relief wells are drilled. Scientists also believe that the oil also could wash up on the shores of Alabama and Mississippi, because hurricane season starts this week. Master P. surveyed the damages the delicate marshlands and hundreds of miles of Louisiana coastline that has already been damaged by the massive oil spill. “It's out of control and it's killing the animals and the business people that do fishing in that area,” Master P. said. “People don't realize how this is it's going to effect the entire country.”Louisiana senators are demanding at least $1 billion dollars from BP, and that was just to further protect the marshes, wetlands and estuaries in the area. Officials believe between 12-40 million gallons of oil have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico.