Rapper Noreaga Signs With Jay-Z's Roc-La-Familia, Planning Separate Hip-Hop Album On Def Jam

Queens, New York rapper

and reggaeton artist Noreaga has signed a deal with Jay-Z's Roc-La-Familia to

release a reggaeton album, while preparing to release a separate Hip-Hop album

under the Def Jam imprint.

"I am really excited," Nore told AllHipHop.com. "I am about to

put out two different genres of music under the label, so this is real big. I

think I am the first artist to have two completely separate deals by the same

company, so I can actually put out two very different albums at the same time

and there not be any problems."

Nore a La Familia will feature guest appearances by Daddy Yankee, Zion

& Lennox, Hector Bombino and other Latin artists and Nore insists that his

Roc La Familia debut will be strictly Reggaeton.

"I am both Black and Latino, so this is important to me to embrace both sides

and that is why I am releasing two different albums." Nore continued. "I

really feel like this is my chance to pay homage to my Latin side and I know my

father is looking down on me from Heaven smiling, because I am doing it right."

On the flip side, Nore is preparing his highly anticipated solo album on Def Jam,

One Fan a Day. The album has already spawned the leaked single "I'm

a G,” featuring Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes, which has fans buzzing.

The album will

feature guest appearances by Mariah Carey and the late Big Pun, as well as a

track produced by Swizz Beatz.

"I don't want people to forget about my Hip-Hop album," Nore said.

“From now on I am doing two of everything, [laughs]. Two tours for the

two albums. It is going to be interesting to see which crowd my concerts bring

in. But regardless of which crowd or whether it's mixed, I am happy, although

my DJ may be confused, because he won't know which records to play [laughs]."

Aside from releasing two opposing albums virtually at the same time, Nore is

also planning several feature film appearances including “Treasure of

the Seven Mummies,” “MVP” and the independent film “I

Wish I Had a House Like This.”

"I am really doing my thing as far as branching into acting,” Nore

told AllHipHop.com. “My roles are some what small like in the movie ‘Treasure

of the Seven Mummies.’ All I am going to say is I play the classic black

man role. I love it all [because] I am getting my foot in the door."

The films are scheduled for a 2006. Nore a La Familia is scheduled for release

in March 2006 and One Fan At a Time is scheduled for release in January