Rapper Obie Trice Charged For Shooting 18-Year-Old

AllHipHop Staff

Obie Trice is in real trouble in Michigan after a fight with a woman turned into a shooting.

(AllHipHop News) Detroit rapper Obie Trice was arrested early this morning and his facing some serious charges, according to local reports.

Obie was booked for a felony aggravated assault in Oakland County around 5: 00 AM this morning (December 6th).

According to reports, the rapper was involved in a shooting at his home in Commerce Township.

While the details are unfolding, sources stated that Obie was involved in a domestic dispute with a woman, when her 18-year-old son got in the middle of the dispute.

The teen ended up getting in the leg during the fight. He drove to the hospital where he is currently being treated for a minor gunshot wound.

Obie Trice is currently being held on two charges: felony assault with a gun and violating a Personal Protection Order. 

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TiKtAk 66
TiKtAk 66

My husband is in ocj he told me when he came in.. They put him in a single man cell.. Said cus of his celebrity status but could get moved to a 10 man soon depending


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It says he had two different charges violating a personal protection order and shooting somebody in the leg. first of all how do you violate a personal protection order at your own house? sounds like she/he was on my property and if somebody was at my house acting a goddamn fool then damn right imma shoot you in your motherfuking leg 2.


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Obie Why?!!?!? I keep telling people it seems like now day's EVERY TIME someone gets mad/angry/upset without hesitation the 1st thing they grab is a gun!!!


She must got that bomb...lol....should have just walked away...dont stay and fight