Rapper Paris Prepares For Sonic Jihad

Rapper Paris is planning to release his latest

album, Sonic Jihad on his own record label, Guerrilla Funk. The San Francisco

veteran raised eyebrows in 1992 with his classics "Bush Killa" and

Coffee, Donuts and Death," where Paris rapped about the imaginary assassination

of Bush Sr.

Paris plans on opening hip-hop's crusty third

eye with Sonic Jihad. The album's artwork will feature an airliner super imposed

to give the appearance that it is heading for a collision with the White House.

"There are a lot of social issues that are

discussed," Paris told AllHipHop.com. "Don't expect to see that in

any store realistically in this political climate."

Paris said that rather than deal with conventional

retail outlets, he will sell Sonic Jihad via his Guerrillafunk.com

website. The site will feature a multimedia downloads and Paris said that he

hopes to have the online store launched by next month.

"I've been down this path before. I already

know that rather than kill the momentum of [the album], just f**k with it online,"

Paris continued. "There are a lot of mom and pops stores that do wanna

carry it. I'll let them carry it but all the ordering will be orchestrated online.

The stores are fooling with me online."

Paris is planning a full advertising campaign

to promote the record and drive potential customers to his website. "Its

going to be promoted like its a record in the store except everybody's going

to be forwarded to the site. The advertising it going to be for the site really

- they can't shut that down."