Rapper Pepa Dragged Into Her New Man’s Messy Divorce

Sandra Denton meets chaos with her married boyfriend’s wife.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Over 32 years later, Salt-N-Pepa’s song “I’ll Take Your Man” still holds true according to a new lawsuit.

Just last month, one-third of the hip-hop trio made it clear she was dating aspiring actor and rapper Aundre Dean.

At the time, the 29-year-old male was/is still married to a woman named Jordyn Taylor, and they were expecting a child in the summertime.

The Blast recently obtained court documents that Dean filed for divorce from Taylor on March 8, after separating in January of this year.

With the arrival of the married couple’s second child, Dean hopes to deny spousal support to Taylor and also seeks joint legal custody of their children.

Denton, also known by Pepa, finds herself in the middle of the messy divorce, as Taylor accuses the singer/rapper of flaunting their relationship on social media, while still legally married to Dean.

After a quick happy birthday post from Pepa to her bae, Taylor chimed in with her own post.

She responded, “When mistresses talk about God... it’s laughable! “Keep being a good dad?” @iamaundre can’t keep his visitations with his son because @darealpepa is parading him around the country. Still, I blame him for this! News check... Good dads pay child support & don’t break in and vandalize their wives apartments. Good dads also don’t stress their pregnant wives out for 15 minutes of fame with a D list “has been” senior citizen celebrity... Still, I release you both in the name of Jesus. God bless u #GUHH #heresyour15minutesoffame. Liar... saying she was your boss. Introducing me to her & asking me if SHE could be our daughter’s god mother! #fatheroftheyear 🏆”