Rapper Philthy Rich Arrested Over Stolen Bentley

Bay Area rapper Philthy Rich was arrested in San Francisco late Sunday night, for allegedly driving in a stolen Bentley.

(AllHipHop News) Police took Philthy Rich into custody after a performance at the Rock-It Room, reports the San Jose Mercury News.
The rapper, born Philip Beasley, was arrested after he attempted to leave the performance in a 2011 Black Bentley with Nevada license plates that was reported stolen from Las Vegas.

Philthy Rich, 29, was also on probation for a felony firearm possession, to complicate his new legal issues.

In addition to Philthy Rich, the rapper’s promoter, Samuel Burns III was also arrested, as he arrived at the club as a passenger in the car.

When Burns failed to produce an ID, police officers checked his records and found that he also had warrants in two different counties in California.

Philthy Rich was charged with suspicion of stolen vehicle and receiving stolen property.

He was released on $30,000 bail.

Philthy Rich took to his Twitter account today (February 14), where he addressed the issue.

The rapper denied that the 2011 Bentley was stolen and said he plans on suing for slander.

“I was arrested late sunday night and bailed early monday morning I am not in jail I am going to sue they ass for slandering my name,” he tweeted.

“Search the car don’t find s**t but still take me to jail the key in the ignition registration in glove box so how the f**k is it stolen,” tweeted. “I ran the plates and car fax myself yesterday and it didn’t come back stolen ill be getting my s**t back soon.”