Rapper Pitbull Talks VP Debate, Palin Hypocrisy

Adding to the growing list of rap stars immersed in the 2008 presidential race, Miami rapper Pitbull has publicly offered his support for the Obama-Biden ticket.

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, Pitbull spoke on what he feels is the absurd media fixation on Republican Vice President nominee, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

“It’s like Palin done took over all the media,” Pitbull quipped. “It was a very strategic move on their part. You can’t tell me you’re gonna put a woman in as Vice President who ran a city that only holds 9,000 people. There’s so much inexperience as far as Palin.”

Regarding Obama’s running mate Joe Biden, Pitbull cracked that the veteran senator would have to enact extreme measures to get noticed by an American media enamored with gossip and scandal.

Tonight, Palin and Biden will face off during the vice presidential debate, which starts at 9:00 PM in Saint Louis.

Palin spent yesterday at McCain's Arizona ranch in preparation for tonight‘s debate.

She underwent extensive training after shaky interviews with ABC's Charlie Gibson and CBS's Katie Couric.

Over 50 million people are expected to tune into the debate tonight, which will be moderated by PBS’ Gwen Ifill.

Despite those huge numbers, Pitbull feels Biden will have to do something extraordinary to enjoy the same mass media exposure Governor Palin is receiving.

“I think if Biden f***ed Britney Spears…I think that all of the attention would be on him. Unfortunately, that is the way that our society is run,” he said. “If they found him in some sex scandal he would be all over the news. I don’t think Jesus Christ could come down and the fix the state of America right now. The people who are dedicated to change can’t get the tube time. That’s the dummy box…that’s McCain and Palin.”

In addition to inking a new album deal with leading digital music distributor The Orchard, Pitbull has confirmed plans for his own cartoon entitled “Rock, Pepe, Scissors,” which will be shown during the rappers highly rated reality show Pitbull’s: La Esquina.

“It’ll be integrated into the show. Sorta like [how] Tracy Ullman brought the Simpsons to her show,” Pitbull explained. “In TV you touch a lot more people. They pay a lot more attention to you because they’re watching you. But I think that it’s the same hustle. It’s the same grind apply whether it be in the music or in television to make any project successful…You’re touching a whole lot more people when you’re on television.”

Pitbull’s fifth solo album Rebelution is set for release in Summer 2009.